Real Estate Investment Trust

With a view of the future in mind, we have come to establish a Real Estate Investment Trust with a Vision that not only benefits our shareholders and fund managers, but directly benefits the community through innovative finance structuring to help Develop and Re-develop communities with a hyperlocal interactive approach to educate and build upon the strengths and values already existing within those communities. Our commitment and innovative structure is guided by our slogan “Building Stronger Families Through Stronger Communities”.

Without those individuals within the families of our communities; local businesses, schools, Cities and Counties will not thrive to its full potential.  With fears of gentrification community residents are reluctant to support development within their area, however, all individuals and businesses throughout the World has one thing they need - Shelter.

Our 20/20 Vision goal is to break ground on 20 developing projects (Affordable Housing, Rental Communities and various other structures) through Community Benefit Agreements that will allow public and private institutions to work with contractors and community representatives. Our mission is to build Sustainable Communities while bridging the gap between our Youths, Residents, Community Leaders, Cities, Counties and States to assist with planning the future of their communities.